Project 23
Richard Dutcher, Project 23 bio
Acclaimed independent Utah filmmaker Richard Dutcher decided to take on a challenge: could he take a class of at least twenty ambitious, aspiring film producers and bring them through the entire process of producing a feature film from beginning to end in one year?

On December 1, 2011, he began that class, having found 23 people willing to commit to the endeavor. It became known as Project 23. The goal was to raise $150,000 to begin production on a feature-length film in March 2012.

The film, called The Boys at the Bar, was completed. The class officially finished December of 2012. The aspiring producers were now producers in fact.

D. Michael Martindale of Worldsmith Stories was one of those producers.

But finishing postproduction on and distributing the film continues. The most dedicated among the 23 continue to work with Richard to make the film a success. D. Michael is among them.

D. Michael, Project 23 bio